Abstract Art In Galway

What is abstract art?

Abstract art is in the eye of the beholder. It’s described as being a visual language of shape. colour, form and line to create a composition which might have a visual representation of an existing object but ultimately it is up to the viewer to define what they are seeing. Abstract is a departure from reality. People see many different things when looking at the same painting.

How I create abstract art in Galway

Resin is a fluid which is continually moving and evolving which is a challenge to control but I know how to manipulate the medium to achieve the effects I’m looking for. There are many techniques and effects that can be achieved. I use a layering technique combined with many pigments and textures which create the illusion of depth.

My inspirations

While working on the art I reflect on how life is continually changing and evolving. Nature is also brought into my work. I focus on the vibrant colours nature can bring to us from beautiful butterflies to colourful flowers to amazing sunset skies filled with fluffy clouds catching shadows and the suns light. Other artists such as Callen Schaub are great for some colourful abstract inspiration.

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