Colourful Abstract Art

My new Chrysalis original resin art is now available online. This latest series involves a wide range of colours and textures, creating the illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. It has all been inspired by the butterfly and its transformation process.

We all go through some difficult times but its how we deal with these, develop and grow even more is the part we need to focus on. This is a quote I recently came across and resonated with me!

“When recovering from difficult things such as heartbreaks or traumatic experience, stop trying to find your old self. The old you doesn’t exist anymore, look for the new and improved version of you. The old you led you to turmoil and had to die off, this is evolution.”

And so began my work on this new collection. It radiates energy, vibrancy, life, love, happiness, gratitude for growing and celebrating colour for all the joy it brings into peoples lives.

You can view the full collection of these vibrant wall art paintings in my originals section online. You can also follow my journey with art on Instagram xx

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