Chrysalis 3

My new Chrysalis original resin art is now available online. This latest series involves a wide range of colours and textures, creating the illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. It has all been inspired by the butterfly and its transformation process.

We all go through some difficult times but its how we deal with these, develop and grow even more is the part we need to focus on. This is a quote I recently came across and resonated with me!

“When recovering from difficult things such as heartbreaks or traumatic experience, stop trying to find your old self. The old you doesn’t exist anymore, look for the new and improved version of you. The old you led you to turmoil and had to die off, this is evolution.”

And so began my work on this new collection. It radiates energy, vibrancy, life, love, happiness, gratitude for growing and celebrating colour for all the joy it brings into peoples lives.

You can view the full collection of these vibrant wall art paintings in my originals section online. You can also follow my journey with art on Instagram xx

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Inspired by the Sea

It was such a great feeling packing up the car with some art and bringing them to Bertra beach in Westport for a photo shoot because I felt as if I was bringing them to where they belong. I’m very much inspired by the sea and put that into all of my work. Even if the pieces are very colourful they still have elements of the movements of the water. The Ocean is so captivating and is home to so many incredible creatures.

I have a favourite beach which is called Wategos in Byron Bay and I think about it often. I used to go there on my own a lot and just sit and take it all in. It’s like paradise. in June, in the distance, you can see big puffs of water spraying up in the air from whales passing by and I once saw a tail slap.

I’ll never forget the time friends came to visit from Sydney and we went to Wategos. We were chatting away and walking along in the water, about knee deep, and all of a sudden a pod of dolphins rode in on the waves and came right up to where we were. Such a spectacular display and just one of those breath taking moments….although I might have spoiled it by screaming with excitement.

The painting I’m holding in this picture is Sea Creatures 33 which is available in my shop online. The button below will bring you directly to it.

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Large colourful abstract print in situ.

I LOVE receiving images of art from clients in their new homes. I’m in love with the attention to detail in this home with carefully matched accessories on the mantel to pick up on the tones going through the print.

I recently came across this great read about art and interior design and how to make it work for your space. Another great read from House and Garden about art in Interiors It’s not always an easy choice because art is such an investment piece for your interior space. You can view more fine art abstract prints by clicking the button below xx

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Resin tables with vibrant colours

I’m always trying out new techniques, constantly experimenting with bold vibrant colours and movements. These resin tables are my latest work and are now available in 2 wild geese My dad said to me today “why do you have to sell them?” hahaha. I’ve always been drawn to colour and bold patterns and one of my favourite artists has to be Andy Warhol or “Pope of pop”

I draw inspiration from his use of vibrant and crazy colours and hopefully this is reflected in my latest works. I’ve also drawn inspiration from him on my latest commission painting which will be going to its new home at the weekend. I always call my tables functional art that you can pop a cup of tea on!

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Colour Pop!!!

Vivid colourpop resin art framed in white box frames. A great way to introduce a pop of colour to your interior space.

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Inspiration at the Cliffs of Moher

A few of us took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher where we did the two hour walk along the coast to catch the most amazing sunset. There’s something so soothing about the sea. I’d highly recommend going there for some time out and to take in all the beauty it has to offer xx

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The resin tables are now back in stock!!

It’s time for me to knuckle down and spend a lot of time in the studio to add some new resin art online and I have finally been able to make some new tables. Hurrayyyy!! A new updated version from the last ones. Work is constantly evolving and I find I’m always trying to improve on the last designs. Hope you like them. Functional art xxx

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Commercial project

Art in place

A commercial project that commissioned 5 original paintings. I’ll share some more shots when I go visit again and take lots of pictures xx

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